Bioreactor for small sewage treatment plant up to 15 people

ECO-3000 is a bioreactor for a small wastewater treatment plant

The ECO-3000 treatment module is a compact bioreactor with a biofilter for reconstruction of existing cesspools or other available tanks. The bioreactor is designed to treat wastewater up to 15 people at home, with a minimum primary tank volume of 7500 liters. The ECO-3000 system functions as a WWTP on two levels. The raw wastewater is initially fed to a primary precipitator to ensure the pre-separation and initial decomposition of the organic solids. The wastewater is then passed through a wastewater filter before entering the ECO treatment module, where an aerobic filtration process takes place.

(*) Depending on the wastewater quality requirements, in some cases it is possible for the treatment unit to absorb more than the officially intended equivalent of residents (E.G.)

Biological treatment

The next level of the process is defined by the BIO media . BIO media has been pre-treated with enzymes to achieve rapid start-up and stimulate the growth of the right type of bacteria; These bacteria colonize the media in large quantities and rapidly degrade organic waste. The philosophy of wastewater treatment is based on aerobic / anoxy biological degradation and filtration. The advantage of BIO technology is further characterized by - minimum maintenance requirements and the ability to handle periodic (seasonal) loads. (E.g. vacation homes, chalets, campgrounds, etc.)

Revolutionary Technology

Sewage Solutions BIO modules are complete wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) providing quality that is compatible with the highest standards. Bio-treatment technology requires no electricity or moving parts. As a result; maintenance and operating costs are particularly low and reliability is maximized. The modules are built in durable HDPE tanks with lightweight, low profile access caps. WWTPs are shipped as a complete kit for easy installation. BIO modules use a unique, fixed feature biofilm technology with specific functions to achieve a odorless purification effect to a level suitable for irrigation or reuse as "industrial water". Due to the high quality of the treated water, they can be discharged into the "sensitive area" receiver if necessary.

Capacity EZ 15 inhabitants
Capacity 2250 liters
Length 2150 mm
Width 1150 mm
Height 2175 mm
Weight 304 kg
Volume 3000 liters
Primary precipitator 7500 liters
Open it 1250/700 mm
Warranty 25 year
Media 10 year
ECO-3000 is a bioreactor for a small wastewater treatment plant
Bioreactor for small sewage treatment plant up to 15 people


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