MONOBLOCK-2, a new generation of PSW without electricity by Sewage Solutions

House treatment plant

This new generation of revolutionary products is a continuation of our research into the efficacy of treating domestic wastewater from homes and businesses. This technological challenge, which has always been the driving force behind our company's growth, is also at the heart of our mission: To present the best solution for domestic wastewater treatment by offering quality products and services to our customers.

The new range of wastewater treatment plants is available in the product line from 4 PEs for a single-family house to 30 PEs for a multi-family house or commercial facility. The latest novelty of the Sewage Solutions is the All-in-One system - MONOBLOCK-2, which offers both a primary settler and a Sewage Solutions BIO reactor module in a single, extremely compact tank .

This technological innovation is available in three versions: The system MONOBLOCK-2, equipped with a primary settling tank of 2000 liters (for primary processing) and ECO reactor 4, 5 and 6, PE. These three configurations make it possible to extend the field of application and offer a product that fully meets the requirements set out in a single-family house treatment plant , depending on the organic load to be treated.

The MONOBLOCK=2 treatment plant best represents Sewage Solutions vision for future development.

With a treatment level corresponding to the higher class of systems, MONOBLOCK, the latest addition to the Sewage Solutions BIO range, is extremely effective at treating domestic wastewater.

Option for high wastewater discharge

If the treated water is to be discharged at a higher level, the MONOBLOCK-2 system is designed so that a small pump can be installed in the integrated pump shaft intended for this purpose.

Sewage Solutions BIO can deliver a high-quality pump in the event of a high discharge of MONOBLOCK-2 wastewater, providing an all-in-one solution that simplifies installation of the system on site and saves considerable time during installation.

Capacity EZ 1-4 inhabitants
Capacity 900 liters
Length 2790 mm
Width 1200 mm
Height 2000 mm
Weight 369-384 kg
Volume 3000 liters
Primary precipitator 2000 liters
Footprint 3,5 m2
Open it 1 x 600 & 1 x 1000 mm
New generation of revolutionary products.
MONOBLOCK, a new generation of PSW without electricity
MONOBLOCK-2, without electricity


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