Single- chamber primary precipitator BIO-ST1-10000

BIO systems using modern high technology for wastewater from residential and commercial needs. BIO systems consist of different sized bioreactors with static fixed mass and biological processes, which are combined as a complete system with a primary water treatment tank.

The primary primary treatment or denitrification tank contains all fats, oils, insoluble matter and other coarse, heavy particles that are insoluble or insoluble (reduction of BOD5, HB, Common N and Total P). Oils and fats are separated on the surface, forming a layer floating in the water. Solid, insoluble and insoluble substances, heavy elements fall to the bottom, where they form the so-called. sewage sludge. In the middle range of the reservoir, a pipe (overflow) is discharged below the fat layer and above the precipitate which connects to the biological step - the bioreactor.

There is one additional filter in this pipe (overflow) - a primary wastewater filter. It filters coarse particles and serves as a barrier against the entry of solid waste from wastewater into the final biological stage for the fine water purification in the ECO reactor, which decolourises, deodorizes and disinfects water.

The modules have four rings located at the bottom corners of each tank, allowing the tank to be secured by straps when mounted in high groundwater conditions.

All BIO primary precipitators are equipped as standard with an integrated extension kit and wastewater filter located in the outlet pipe. See "Options" (Wastewater Filter) for specifications.

BIO ST1-10000
Capacity EZ 20 inhabitants
Capacity 10,000 liters
Length 3963 mm
Width 3384 mm
Height 2395 mm
Weight 515 kg
Volume 10,000 liters
Open it 700 mm
Single chamber primary settler BIO-ST1-10000


Single chamber primary settler BIO-ST1-10000

Primary settler BIO-ST1-10000


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Filter Primary settler BIO-ST1-10000

Filter BIO-ST1-10000

Filter Primary settler BIO-ST1-10000


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